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About PlanningSkills.COM

by Dan Power

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What is PlanningSkills.COM?

PlanningSkills.COM is a web-based knowledge repository. The mission of this site is to help people who are interested in learning about how to improve their planning skills. The target audience is college students in planning disciplines, planning professionals, and practicing managers. This site is needed because planning skills are increasingly important in our turbulent, rapidly changing world. Managers, students and academics face a difficult challenge to stay up-to-date about planning concepts, skills, tools and technologies. I firmly believe organizations can develop decision support and planning capabilities that provide a sustainable competitive advantage. Individuals can also benefit from enhanced planning skills and decision support systems.

We are all challenged by too much information and too many sources of information. Much of the information is hard to find or "noisy". This web site is an integrated source of information relevant to planning skills. PlanningSkills.COM is a "living" hypertext document. My challenge is to have it reflect the state-of-the-art in planning research and practice. The site hopefully leads the way in some areas. PlanningSkills.COM is intended as a "community of practice" and I hope it contributes to effective knowledge transfer and creation. I try to track research and technological developments and help keep visitors "up to speed" on where planning technologies are headed.

PlanningSkills.COM provides thought leadership, best practices and innovation in a wide range of planning topic areas; this authoritative portal hosts research, an interactive glossary, articles, exercises, and technologiy briefs.

PlanningSkills.COM content can help in selecting resources and save significant time that might be spent in "surfing the Web". I try to check the Web resources regularly and I believe the links, papers and tutorials are relevant to people interested in learning more about planning in a wide variety of situations. I try to keep my local content accurate and current. We hope the site is well-designed and that it helps visitors find relevant content quickly. Finally, PlanningSkills.COM is an opportunity for me to cooperate with others interested in planning and to share my knowledge. Please help me keep this site current and well-organized. Thanks Dan Power.

How can I contact the editor?

The PlanningSkills.COM editor is Professor Daniel J. Power. He can be contacted by sending email to A short biographical sketch for Dan Power is on the web. You can also check his home page for more information.

What types of materials are published at the PlanningSkills.COM web site?

If material is related to planning it will be considered for the site. We are especially interested short opinion or expository articles.

Can I submit material to PlanningSkills.COM?

YES. Materials should be submitted via electronic mail or through posting on a web site. Contact Dan Power before submitting materials.

How should I cite PlanningSkills.COM?

Cite PlanningSkills.COM web pages in the same way as an article appearing in a book or magazine. For example, an appropriate bibliography entry for an article would be:

Power, D. J., "Planning Support Systems", PlanningSkills.COM, URL http://PlanningSkills.COM/, accessed "the date", 2005.

The overall web site should be cited like a book as:

Power, D. J., PlanningSkills.COM, URL http://PlanningSkills.COM, accessed "the date".

How can I help support PlanningSkills.COM?

Currently, the operating costs for PlanningSkills.COM are modest. We are actively trying to identify sponsors for the site and increase revenues from banner advertising.

PlanningSkills.COM exists because Dan Power conducts research about computerized decision support systems, planning and decision making, because people visit and return to his sites, and because people continue to send nice comments and favorable feedback. Please use email to send suggestions, compliments, feedback.

PlanningSkills.COM welcomes your advertising and/or sponsorshp. We also exchange ads for "in kind" contributions. Check for advertising information.

What is the history of PlanningSkills.COM?

PlanningSkills.COM began operating on May 12, 2004. The site was created by Alex and Dan Power.

Can I put a link to PlanningSkills.COM on my web page?

YES. Please let me know if you have a link to PlanningSkills.COM. The PlanningSkills.COM Logo can also be used on your page. I am maintaining all of my rights to the Planning Skills Resources and PlanningSkills.COM name, logo and contents. Permission to link to the pages can be revoked for inappropriate, unwarranted linking or other reasons at my discretion.

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