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Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

Nominal group technique is a structured approach to problem solving and decision making that clearly divides idea generation and idea evaluation into two stages. It is useful for eliciting ideas and information from team members. The technique uses a 10-15 minute period of silent brainstorming and then ideas are recorded using a round-robin method. Ideas are then discussed and rated. In some groups as many as 10-15 people participate.
The Nominal Group Technique is a face-to-face group process technique for evaluating ideas and gaining consensus. A typical application is in organizational planning when a group needs to agree on priorities to assign resources.

How To Use NGT:

1. Select a group recorder and facilitator.
2. The facilitator should present the NGT question prior to the group meeting.
3. The facilitator should ask the group members to brainstorm about the NGT question for 5-10 minutes.
4. In round-robin, the facilitator should ask each group member to read aloud an idea/response.
5. The facilitator/recorder should record all the groupís responses on a master list or a flipchart for the group to view.
6. After all responses have been recorded, clarify the responses together as a group and eliminate duplicates.
7. Now the facilitator should ask participants rank their top priorities or rate the responses on a satisfaction scale.
8. Finally, the facilitator should collect the group membersí rankings or ratings and combine them to form a collective response.

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