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The following is a list of relevant tips. Please click on a tip for more information.
  1. Attack in strength at weakness

  2. Be open to serendipity

  3. Be prepared to improvise

  4. Beware the 'leaky bucket'

  5. Concentrate your efforts

  6. Deceive the "enemy"

  7. Exploit asymmetry

  8. Exploit favorable circumstances

  9. Exploit the "fog of war"

  10. Get the "big picture"

  11. Hope for the best, plan for the worst

  12. Implement a Management Control System

  13. Keep it simple

  14. Know your competitors

  15. Know your strengths and weaknesses

  16. Know your team

  17. Make "flexible plans"

  18. Monitor assumptions

  19. Never rest

  20. Plan with deliberate speed

  21. Plan with integrity

  22. Planning is important

  23. Planning should be linked to control

  24. Remember Murphy's Laws

  25. Remember people are planners

  26. Remember security -- walls have ears

  27. Remember the vision

  28. Search in your own backyard first

  29. Seek truth from facts

  30. Seize the initiative

  31. Set 'realistic' goals and objectives

  32. Shape situations

  33. Stick with the plan

  34. Strive to accomplish a noble purpose

  35. Surprise! Surprise!

  36. Take charge of the planning process

  37. Take minimal action

  38. The "worst case" can happen

  39. Think strategically

  40. Understand your business model

  41. Unity of command

  42. What gets measured, gets managed!

  43. Work smarter, not harder

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