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Dr. Dan Power is an Information Systems and Management professor and a developer of computerized decision aiding and planning software. He is the editor of DSSResources.COM and PlanningSkills.COM. Check Dan's home page for more information.

Questions and Answers

  1. Are there decision support tools for Competitive Intelligence (CI) tasks? Dan Power's reply
  2. How can people evaluate their planning skills? Dan Power's reply
  3. How does planning differ from decision-making? Dan Power's reply
  4. What are basic planning skills? Dan Power's reply
  5. What are characteristics of a good goal statement? D. Power's reply
  6. What are common decision making techniques? D. Power's reply
  7. What are major benefits of planning? D. Power's reply
  8. What are major strategic planning tools? Dan Power's reply
  9. What are the 9 Principles of War? D. Power's reply
  10. What are the major types of plans? Dan Power's reply
  11. What are the prerequisites to successful planning? Dan Power's reply
  12. What can managers do to institutionalize a strategy change? Dan Power's reply
  13. What criteria should be used for evaluating proposed plans? Dan Power's reply
  14. What do managers need to know about IS/IT, MIS and DSS? Dan Power's reply
  15. What factors lead to an appropriate planning process? Dan Power's reply
  16. What is a global vs. multidomestic industry? Dan Power's reply
  17. What is a planning support system? Dan Power's reply
  18. What is a resource-based analysis of a firm? Dan Power's reply
  19. What is a situation analysis? D. Power's reply
  20. What is command and control? MCDP's reply
  21. What is contingency planning? Dan Power's reply
  22. What is cost-benefit analysis wikipedia's reply
  23. What is globalization? Dan Power's reply
  24. What is Henry Mintzberg's view of strategic planning? D. Power's reply
  25. What is involved in crisis planning? D. Power's reply
  26. What is Michael Porter's Industry Analysis model? Dan Power's reply
  27. What is strategic enterprise management? Wikipedia's reply
  28. What is Strategic Management? D. Power's reply
  29. What is the "Mind of the Strategist"? Dan Power's reply
  30. What is the content of a business plan? D. Power's reply
  31. Why should managers implement a strategic planning system? Dan Power's reply

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