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A mission statement is a broad statement of an organization's or organization unit's direction and purpose. The scope of a mission statement may be narrow and focused on a specific organization unit or broad and focused on the entire organization. A mission should be an enduring statement that helps stakeholders understand why an organization or unit exists and continues to operate. A mission statement should identify what an organization does and who is served by the organization. In a business mission statement this means the products of the business and the customer segments served should be identified in a general way. Such product/market positioning in a business mission statement is considered as the central component of a mission statement. Mission statements may also address other issues related to organization purpose including the philosophy of the owners and the core values of the owners. In a military planning context, a mission statement defines the broad purpose that a commander must address using military means and the broad enemy targets of interest.

Mission refers to the task, together with the purpose, that clearly indicates the action to be taken and the reason for taking the action.

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