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Beware the 'leaky bucket'

People forget and systems become inefficient and obsolete. A 'leaky bucket' is an analogy and metaphor describing how a wide variety of business and technology systems operate, i.e. the system leaks outputs and processes degenerate and devolve.

The term suggests an analogy to a physical bucket that has a hole. The bucket can hold water up to its maximum capacity for a brief time and then it loses water at a rate determined by the diameter of the hole.

In marketing, some businesses are similar to a 'leaking bucket' where the business is the bucket and customers are the water in the bucket. The business 'leaks' customers.

Similarly, employee security awareness training can yield an immediate and dramatic improvement in security practices. However, people don't remember and stay vigilant over time, awareness 'leaks'.

In a 'leaky bucket' situation, inputs like security awareness training must be ongoing to keep up with the rate of the leak.

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